Website Maintenance

Our team professionals are ready to help you take all of the proper steps in maintaining your website on an on-going basis. Once we launch your website, we are here to make sure it stays running smoothly. We truly your success. We go the extra mile to make sure that your website is fully equipped to help you succeed. Keeping up on regular maintenance is part of that process. We understand that every client is different so we offer a vast of different packages.

We offer both monthly and pay as you go prepaid website maintenance packages.

Website maintenance plans include the following tasks:

  • Adding, changing or removing text and images provided by the client
  • Adding blog posts provided by the client
  • Resizing of images
  • Adding, changing or removing of links
  • Fixing broken links and error pages
  • Changing colors or layout to current pages
  • Adding or removing pages
  • Adding or removing menus
  • WordPress updates
  • Providing traffic analytics and visitor details
  • Providing SEO recommendations

Additional Services
Website maintenance plans do not include the following services; however, these services can be purchased separately.

  • Graphic design
  • Copywriting
  • Website redesign
  • Blog creation or set-up
  • Search engine optimization work
  • Logo design
  • Purchasing of any third-party services

Please contact us for more information on getting started.